How To Maintain A Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

时间:2022-04-30 08:57
 During operation, if the fiber laser marking machine can be well protected, its service life can also be extended. The following tips will help you to understand how to maintain it in daily use.

1. Maintenance of scanner head: Clean the guide rails with gasoline regularly, and add appropriate amount of lubricating oil after drying. It is recommended to do this work once every weeks.
2. Maintenance of marking controller: After turning off the power of the controller, open the outer cover of the box, and use clean air for friendship games to blow away the dust inside. Pay more attention to the dustproof work on the outside of the chassis.
3. Computer maintenance: After the computer runs for a long time, a large number of junk files will also be generated in the system. If it is accumulated for a long time without cleaning, it will directly affect the normal operation of the software.
4. It is necessary to ensure the air circulation around the machine to avoid the problem of overheating.
5. Do not move the machine while marking, as this will damage the life of the laser machine.
6. When the machine fails to run, you need to cut off the power first, for fear of problems with the power switch, unstable voltage or excessive current, damaging the laser generator and other parts.
7. When the machine is not in use, please cover it with a hood. Remember to cut off the power supply. It is recommended that the bottom of the machine be cushioned to prevent flooding.
8. After each marking project is completed, the workbench of the machine needs to be covered to prevent the lens from being contaminated and affecting the laser beam, which will lead to insufficient laser energy and affect the quality of marking.
9. If the project that is engaged in laser marking will cause dust, it is best to equip a vacuum cleaner, because once the dust is attached to the focusing lens, it will affect the laser power and energy output, affect the quality of marking, and even cause the lens to break due to excessive heat absorption, so if you find that the marking effect is not good, you should check the problem of the lens first, and clean it once it is found to be contaminated. In order to allow users to better use the fiber laser engraver, and extend the service life of the laser marking machine at the same time, inspection, care, and maintenance should be carried out on time.

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